UPVC Locks

Locks on uPVC are sometimes regarded as awkward to use , stiff to use or even sometimes impossible to use. Here at Lime Locks we are professionally trained to gain entry to doors or windows with the minimum of fuss, mess and disruption to your lives.


Sometimes doors/windows are poorly installed and over time this will become a problem as the locks will begin to become hard work or even fail in the worst case.  As soon as you feel that you door or window is not working correctly it is worth calling Lime Locks to get it sorted.

If and when the door or window mechanism does fail DO NOT trust anyone that tells you that you will need a new door, window or conservatory. This is a problem that Locksmiths Chester – Lime Locks  come across on a very regular basis and in every scenario we have attended so far we have opened the door/window and replaced the damaged part for a fraction of the price of a new door/window.

Lime Locks carry a comprehensive range of Multi-Point Locks and accessories to complete the job in one visit – but in reality there are so many variants of uPVC mechanism that there are eventualities that may occur where parts will have to be put on order.   This is not a problem as we will always leave your property safe and secure, returning with the correct part as soon as is practicable.

My best advice with struggling uPVC locks is preventative maintenance, so ensure that you call Locksmiths Chester to avoid being locked out at the most inconvenient time – Please call Paul and I will be only too pleased to offer my services.

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